When a new ShareCart order gets placed on your store you'll notice that 2 separate orders get created in your Shopify admin. This is because ShareCart leverages Shopify's Gift Card API to provide a safe and secure checkout experience for both the Shopper and the Payer. It also has the added benefit of collecting twice the number of customers!

  1. Shopper's order: This will contain the items that the Shopper has shared from your store. When it has been paid for by the Payer, this order will have a fulfillment status of unfulfilled and tag of ShareCart Shopper. This is the order that you will need to fulfill and the customer that you will need to ship to.

  2. Payer's order: This represents the payment received by the Payer and requires no further action. This order will have a fulfillment status of fulfilled and tag of ShareCart Payer.

Each order created by ShareCart in your Shopify admin will also be tagged with ShareCart and ShareCart #C<NUM> where <NUM> is the unique identifier for the cart used by ShareCart. This will be different for each cart.