ShareCart is a new social payments method that allows your customers (Shoppers) to easily share their shopping carts via shareable links with family, friends or others (Payers). When a Payer clicks on a link shared with them, they can pay for the cart on behalf of the Shopper and the order will be shipped to the Shopper.

The best part is, ShareCart is 100% anonymous - so the Payer never needs to know any personal details about the Shopper!

How does ShareCart integrate with my website?

ShareCart appears on your website in a few key places in the customer journey.

Product Page

  • ShareCart button: Lets your customers to share an individual product on your store.

  • ShareCart messaging: Lets your customers know what ShareCart is and how it works.

Cart Page

  • ShareCart button: Lets your customers to share their entire cart containing multiple products.
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